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Who is Doctor Haris?

Doctor Haris is a third-year resident (Emergency Medicine), George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Moolchand, Delhi. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. 

Emergency care medicine helps him hone his empathetic nature. Since the role of an emergency physician is far different from that of an ordinary physician, this field of expertise helps him minimize the discomfort of anyone who needs immediate medical attention to diagnose, treat or deduce the root cause of any symptoms. 

In old french, Doctor refers to a learned person. Doctor Haris has decided to dedicate his career to learning, implementing and perfecting life-saving capabilities by pursuing Emergency Medicine. 

Coming from a whole family of Doctors, he has ascended an innate role of a leader, a healer prioritising the wellbeing of his patients and those around him. He takes great pride in his practice and ability to help someone cope with pain, discomfort and terminal diseases (Palliative care). 

What is Emergency Medicine?


Emergency medicine is a rapidly expanding area of medicine that is dedicated to providing primary health care to the public through the rapid assessment (quick, accurate diagnosis) and referral of emergency medical conditions.

Emergency medicine specializes in medical science dealing with the conditions encountered when people require immediate professional medical attention such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, asthma, fainting, choking and unconsciousness due to severe respiratory distress or substance abuse.

Often, people may think they are having a stroke when in reality, it is panic.

Emergency care is also commonly known as emergency medicine because it caters to emergency services in special hospital wards or nursing units where doctors and nurses can provide urgent care.

These days, most hospitals have well-equipped emergency rooms where people can be examined within no time and given necessary medications and therapies. However, as much as the modern facilities are good enough to handle an acute emergency, there are instances when even the best emergency care facility can fail. This is when you need of emergency care physician.

An emergency physician treats patients with conditions that need immediate attention whereas regular physicians tend to diagnose and treat conditions over a period of time. Emergency care physicians generally refer their patients to specialized doctors for further diagnosis and treatment.

If you are unsure of your ailment, you should see an emergency care physician for immediate help and the recommendation of a specialist. 

What is palliative care?

A palliative care physician helps the family of people with incurable diseases or can be treated with medicine. This type of physician is not involved in treating the disease directly but allows the patient to deal with the symptoms of the disease. The physician helps the patient by providing information about the condition, situation and offering support.

When a patient has a severe illness, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, leukaemia, or a life-threatening condition, hospice is the recommended mode of care. This is where the focus is on relieving the symptoms while also promoting meaningful and permanent recovery. 

It requires an interest in people and a concern for their well-being. The ability to help someone cope with a terminal disease helps them to heal in ways no other form of medical care can.

Learning, implementing and perfecting life-saving capabilities!

With his team and Friends all over the world, Doctor Haris is actively involved in services that enhance and improve the quality of life. 

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