We understand the importance of getting the right diagnosis and treatment “On Time“. Due to the current scare of COVID-19, people are reluctant to visit medical facilities for their ailments. This is an initiative to bring “the doctor” home. 


For minor health issues that require over the call consultation (Worldwide)

Video Consultation

For extensive issues that need immediate medical attention. (Worldwide)

Home Visit

For personalized care about your health & wellbeing (DELHI & MBD)

Doctor Haris is a third-year resident (Emergency Medicine), George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Moolchand, Delhi. 

With his fellow medics, he has started this initiative to provide consultation and home visits for attentive, immediate, critical care medicine

There is a huge gap in the Indian medical system, where doctor to patient ratio is high, and often, the patient may feel the need for Emergency Consultation

We help them with all such ailments, including medical consultation for bedridden patients and their families! 

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With a focused doctor, you can make sure your doctors are as efficient as possible so that they can give you their best care!
Doctor Haris considers each situation carefully, unlike those who have to spend time clocking the apps, a personalised approach will give you the best results!


Doctor Haris works closely with patients to assess each situation carefully, using unbiased advice and making sure that they have a say in all of their medical decisions. We are not affiliated with any testing services so that you always have full control over healthcare decisions. 


We are committed to empowering people with the latest evidence-based health information while respecting their individual values and preferences. Doctor Haris offers supportive counselling over video chat or phone calls, providing emotional support when needed most.

Personalized Healthcare in Delhi and Moradabad

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